ASUS Releases Laptop For True Transformers Fan

July 14, 2009

ASUS has developed a sick looking transformer version of one of its gaming notebooks. Unfortunately, you can't exactly go to the store and buy it.

The Transformers-edition laptop from ASUS is based on the G60 gaming laptop, which features a 15.6" HD display, a quad core processor, a hot Nvidia GeForce GTX 260M GPU, and other such specs befitting a computer that is imitating all powerful robots. It even has a turbo button for instant overclocking. Rumor has it that this model will have a voice activated command of "transform!" to activate this feature (author's note: that rumor is entirely based on the hopes and dreams of this author).

The downside is that it's a one-off production unit designed as a prize for people who pre-register with Odeon Cinemas in the UK.

[via laptoplogic]