Toshiba NB200-110 netbook Review

July 21, 2009


The NB200-110 (£369 inc. VAT) is the second netbook to be released by Toshiba, following the lukewarm reception of its first model, the NB100, which has since been discontinued. Thankfully, the NB200 is a far more successful effort and a great netbook in its own right.

Rather than the unstylish, boxy look of the NB100, the NB200 has a larger, sleeker and far more eye-catching design. Available in a choice of white, brown or black, the chassis features ribbed plastic on the lid, a matt-silver finish to the palmrest, and a large, faux metallic hinge.

At 1.4kg, the extra size adds little to the overall weight. The slim design and curved edges allow it to slip easily into your hand luggage. The large 6-cell battery unfortunately protrudes 20mm from the rear of the chassis, but it delivers an impressive 493-minutes of mobile use.

The keyboard is near full-sized and features an isolation-key design, whereby each key protrudes through an individual hole in the chassis. The keys are large, accessible and move quietly when typing.

The crowning feature, however, is the dazzling 10.1-inch Super-TFT screen. Surrounded by a glossy, striped bezel, this is perhaps the most vibrant netbook screen we’ve seen. Sharpness, colour and contrast are all stunningly effective, and images literally pop off the screen.

The NB200 is also well equipped with extras. An integrated camera sits above the screen, and one of three USB ports uses Sleep and Charge technology, allowing you to charge USB-powered devices when the netbook is switched off.

Additionally, the 160GB hard drive is shock-protected to prevent data damage if you drop the netbook. Should this occur, the drive detects the freefall motion and automatically parks the disk's read/write heads to stop them from scratching and damaging the disk’s surface.

Toshiba had a lot to prove with the NB200 and it has mostly succeeded. While a more discrete battery and a slightly less garish design would have been appreciated, the fantastic usability and gorgeous screen make this a great addition to the netbook market.

via whatlaptop


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