XPS Adamo, Super Slim Laptop from Dell

October 15, 2009


Competition in the world of laptop products more intensively conducted. After a long period of products emerged Mac Book Air from Apple is very thin, Dell product appears Adamo 13's 1.4GHz Core 2 Duo in March as a challenger to the Mac Book Air from performance problems and thinness.

However, Dell was not complacent in its products that are thinner than the Mac Book Air. Recently, Dell posted a web of information about the appearance of the XPS Adamo. This series has sizes much thinner than the Adamo 13's. Adamo XPS thickness is below 10mm.

It seems that the XPS Adamo information is still a lot of secrecy. Web that shows the appearance of the XPS haya Adamo contain pictures and email verification. As reported by Electronista KabarIT from, from super-thin size is likely Adamo XPS using Intel's latest processor is CULV (Consumer Ultra Low Voltage).

CULV is Intel's latest products for products super thin laptop. CULV have the lower voltage than the Intel Atom

source : kabarit