6 ways What Should We Do On New Notebook

November 26, 2012

protect your notebook with good maintance
Notebook easily damaged and his performance was not optimal is frequently encountered.It could happen to us both notebooks have long or that we just bought.it's all because we do not understand or know about how should we do when we just bought a new notebook.Here are 6 ways What Should We Do On New Notebook:
1.Install Driver
Of course, this is the first thing we need to do so that all devices in the laptop we can function properly. Almost all notebook drivers notebook makers to include them in the form of a CD or DVD. But not all. Lately I find HP no longer include the driver in the sales package. If it's not there, try asking the store where you purchased the notebook. Usually they will give you the drivers you need. Take good care of CD / DVD, so if you ever have to reinstall the OS, you will not be hassles. Because the cost of re-installing the OS can be very expensive, especially if you need the original. If it does not exist, then you have to first download the drivers.You should notice is, the driver package from notebook makers, there are many applications that really is not hat we need. The term generally is bloatware. In some cases they are even more bother than benefit

2.Install Antivirus
The second, is the antivirus. Actually, you can swap the order with the first step earlier. This is optional. But it did not install antivirus optional step. It is absolutely imperative. Without antivirus, your notebook is the target of so many kinds of danger and mischief of others. The thing to remember is no matter how good your antivirus, without updating them is the same as rigid robots are outdated. Perform antivirus update at least once a week.

3.Install Office
Well, this is also a must. Can not help it, mosok use laptop but never typed. Kan funny. For Office applications, we have many choices. First, of course, Microsoft Office, the most widely used of people. If you want to try from the other Office apps is better. What is clear, Microsoft Office which contains Ms. Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher, and more that we have to buy, or use a pirated. It is up to you. If you want a free and legal, please find the Office application open source. There are countless OK to, eg Libre Office and Open Office.

4.Install Browser
Well, what can you intall later, though maybe internet explorer application is an application that will use most of your future. Either too many. Microsoft Internet Explorer is automatically included when you installed Windows 7. But to be honest, I only wear it when other browsers yet installed. I installed Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera. Whatever you want to install which. They are equally good, features are also pretty much the same, just a matter of habit. No need fanantik with one of them. Because at every launch of the latest version, every browser will improve myself to be better.

5.Install Application Optimization and Tweaking laptop
To make your notebook is always in good health, you need to install the application to optimize your notebook. In addition, although a lot of people and especially Microsoft thinks that Windows is a good OS, but it turns out we need to also do some tweaking to make it run faster and more stable as well as we wish. You would agree, that any version of Windows, often include many applications that we do not really need. I myself use CCleaner and TuneUp Utilities 2012. CCleaner application is small, lightweight, yet powerful, and free. While TuneUp Utilities 2012 is a paid application, to try out the trial, you will be given time for 30 days. They both were not comparable, because it is not as complex as CCleaner TuneUp Utilities. While the TuneUp Utilities is an application of optimization and tweaking Windows are multifunctional.

6.Install other Allied Applications
Any application supporting your work? Of course this is heavily influenced by the work of your own. Such as your teacher, then you need Teacher Assistant application. If you are a blogger, you need to install Windows Live Writer. If you are a video editor, you will need Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere. If you are a of course you will need Adobe Photoshop or Corel Paint. And so on. But before all that, which you will definitely need is the main application supporting application earlier. As Adobe Flash for your browser. To get this small application, please try visiting filehippo.com. Find all you need, read the description, if necessary, look for a review of the application, and try.

So a few tips that I can give to optimize the performance of your new notebook may be useful.