5 Things that make our Laptop running slow

December 5, 2012

Laptop running slow tips
Okay now I will give a few things about one of the problems that often exist on the laptop.The problem that often arises is our laptop running slow even be an error or hang and can not any perform.Many things can make a slow laptop. Though the speed of the laptop into one of our base to buy it.

Below I will explain 5 important things that often cause our laptop running slow:

1. Registry not well optimized.
  This is the first accused why laptop becomes slow. Windows mnecatat all processes are done in the registry. It is also to speed up performance as well. But after some time, both users and Windows itself will make changes to the file and file structure and placement of the application as well. Well, apparently the Windows does not want to clear himself of the registry that are no longer used. Because every time the registry is read, modified, restyled by Windows, the time taken will also increase proportional to the length of records created Windows.

2.Hard disk fragmentation.
 It's also more or less similar to the registry was not optimal. This is related to the way Windows accelerating performance read / write data on the hard disk. Windows will take place on your hard disk by calculating which parts can be written with as soon as possible. It makes the file is not sequential or in a row. Well, when read, so long. The second, not necessarily files that are opened are in a much faster read. See the image file structure on the hard disk on the side. You must understand that the middle path takes less time to read. Well, it's a fragmented file - except where scattered - also not in the path, and he is often called.

3.Many applications installed.
More and more applications are installed on the laptop, the Windows registry created will also become longer and more complex. This means that also will add additional time, not to mention the impact on the remaining capacity of the hard disk that the less. So, you should install the software or applications that indeed we need.

4.Laptop virus. If it is clearly yes.
Behavior of computer viruses today is different from the behavior of ancient viruses. Previously, most of the computer virus will manifest itself by displaying a specific message on the screen. Also many destructive files. Different viruses today. Seldom of those who damage the files or data. Even worse, they steal data. Some viruses are now also actively duplicating themselves by creating a copy in each folder. If you like this obviously makes a slow laptop.

5.Less RAM.
When not using the plural laptop 2GB RAM, 1GB of RAM feels it is luxurious. It was not until a year later, 2GB of RAM is a must. Currently, both netbooks and laptops already come with at least 2GB RAM, meaning one year ahead, 4GB RAM will become commonplace. Indeed, application or software maker does not care about us-we were to upgrade the RAM should starve several days Ok, so, one of the reasons to buy a laptop is plugged in and the highest possible RAM installed.


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