Dell Inspiron i14RN-1227BK,Best Buy Notebook on HOLIDAY

December 17, 2012

Dell Inspiron i14RN-1227BK review
Was looking for a notebook in this holiday today, the Dell Inspiron i14RN-1227BK might be suitable for you who want to buy your child a notebook for students.After the holidays is over, your son would need a new notebook when they back to school.

This dell notebook is designed for students to be petrified completing school assignments or his homework.Inspiron i14RN-1227BK  comes with good features like Intel 2.3 GHz, 6 GB RAM, 2 memory slots, 500 GB hard drive (5400 rpm) and Windows 7 Home Premium operating, installed by default. These features make this laptop ideal for everyday activities, and also offers the opportunity to participate in the latest games. No information is available in most reviews of Dell Inspiron i14RN-1227BK is the battery life, though he said the 6-cell battery.

An interesting advantage of this model is connected via USB, Dell Inspiron i14RN-1227BK has two USB 3.0 ports, USB 2.0, which can be used for charging, even when the laptop is off, and the usual 2.0. With the help of these connectivity options, it is safe to say that this laptop can easily perform tasks such as audio recording or processing. Other connection options include VGA reader, card, and, of course, traditional headphones and microphone.

Dell Inspiron i14RN-1227BK also recommended for users who can benefit from new wireless technologies. This laptop has Bluetooth 3.0, allowing users to wirelessly play video from sources other hard drives with capacities of Intel Wireless Display. Other network options such as Fast Ethernet and Wi-Fi sharing are also available.

Dell Inspiron i14RN-1227BK notebook is the best buy for students on holiday. and if you want to get the best price offer for this notebook you can see on amazon.You will be given a special price of $ 548.88, so you can save $ 21.11 (4%) of the normal price of around $ 569.99.