Using a computer screen as an alternative to a broken laptop screen

January 3, 2013

connect our laptop
Laptop screens often have diverse problems, ranging from images that do not appear clearly or do not even show up at all her pictures.It will be a big problem for those who have a laptop, but its warranty has expired and does not have the money to buy the lcd screen its most expensive price.But there are ways you can overcome this problem by using a computer or pc  screen .But with a note that vga connector that leads to an external PC or computer still works normally.

OK, no need to linger lam now I will explain how to connect a laptop to a PC screen or computer screen.This way I get from intel website, which explains his complete and easy to understand.

Here are  the steps :

Laptop connection cables

Choose the right cable to properly connect your laptop. Look on the sides and back of the laptop for the connection ports. The most common ports are the VGA port and the DVI port. The VGA port features 15 pin holes while the DVI port has 29 pin holes. Newer LCD monitors feature both VGA and DVI inputs with older CRT box-styled monitors commonly featuring a VGA port.

If your laptop has no ports, you will need to create a monitor connection via the USB input with a VGA to USB conversion cable. Some HD LCD screens feature a HDMI export cable that needs a HDMI-to-DVI connector cable to properly attach to a laptop. You can find these cables at a local computer store or various online retailers.
Monitor setup

Windows XP* and Vista users should power-down their laptop until it is completely off. Windows 7* users can keep the laptop running or power-down if they choose.

Plug the monitor into the laptop using the proper connection cables. Match the color of the cable connection to the input icon color. Make sure the connection is aligned right to prevent pin bending or breaking.

Tighten the connection to the laptop, and then plug in the power source to the monitor. Wait a few moments for the monitor to power-on. Windows 7 owners may already see the extended desktop on the screen. If you do, skip down to "Customize Your Settings.”

Turn the laptop on and wait for it start-up. The laptop should automatically detect the monitor and adjust to that screen. If the monitor remains black, access the "Display Function" key on your laptop. The icon is a rectangle with two vertical lines around it. Press this once to activate the monitor.
Customize Your Settings
In Windows 7:

    Click "Start," access the "Control Panel," and then select "Appearance and Personalization." Find the option that says "Adjust Screen Resolution" and click once. A small window is displayed with two monitors labeled "1" and "2."
    Click on the "Identify" icon. A large "1" appears on one monitor while a large "2" appears on the other.
    Select the drop-down menu next to "Multiple Displays." Select "Extend these displays" and click Apply. The desktop is now extended. Adjust the "Resolution" and "Orientation" to complete the customization.

In Windows Vista:

    Click on the "Start" icon, go to the "Control Panel," and select "Personalize.” Choose the "Display Settings.”
    Click on the "Identify" icon. A large "1" appears on one monitor while a large "2" appears on the other.
    Click on the check box labeled "Extend My Desktop to This Display," and then click "Apply".

In Windows XP:

    Right-click on the Desktop and select "Properties”. Click on the "Settings" tab.
    Select the "Identify" icon at the bottom of the window. Remember the number that flashes on the attached monitor. Click on that once to highlight it. Click on the check box labeled "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor.”
    Click on "Apply" and then "OK" to exit out of the settings.

All versions

If you set up the monitor to the right of the laptop, you need to make a minor adjustment because by default, the extension goes to the left. In the "Display Settings" or "Adjust Screen Resolution" windows, drag the attached monitor icon to the right side of the laptop monitor. This will make the screen extension apply to the right instead of the left. Click "Apply" to save the settings.

The connection process is fairly straight-forward. Windows 7 owners can do this within seconds and only require a few minor adjustments if needed. Figure out what you will use the dual set-up the most for and then adjust the settings as needed.

Note : 

For configuration or settings on his laptop keyboard adapts to different laptop models respectively.
But most use the "Fn + F8" button on our laptop keyboard or it could also just use the F8 button without Fn button.
For the F8 key can be replaced F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F9 or adjust with each laptop brand
Hopefully this article on Using a computer screen as an alternative to a broken laptop screen can useful and help you trouble.
And for information on the treatment of laptop LCD screen you can read the article about laptop lcd screen will not be damaged because the correct treatment.


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