Fujitsu issued a statement that it is not satisfied the demand for Windows 8

December 31, 2012


demand for Windows 8
Having previously reported that Acer and Asus says that demand for products that run with Windows 8 OS is not very satisfactory, tend to be slow and not as expected.Fujitsu's turn as the number 3 player in the world of IT also issued a similar statement.

This was stated by Fujitsu President Masami Yamamoto said in a statement in Tokyo on Friday, who expressed similar things that have been expressed by the two other vendors. Masami stated that the demand for products that run with Microsoft's latest OS is 'weak'. Fujitsu previously hoped to sell about 7 million PC units by March 31, 2013 meurunkan target to around 6 million units.

Fujitsu following statement from Asus and Acer are the clear fact that Windows 8 is not yet approaching the increase in PC sales as the industry is expected to be the new OS, while Microsoft claims deny that they are very optimistic about Windows 8. In October, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer also stated that the response of markets around the world on the latest OS made ​​by the company is 'exceptional'.

Parties Microsoft has yet to respond to the statement of Masami Fujitsu, is also yet to respond to the fact that the response of the markets to the new OS.

How further developments regarding windows 8 on other vendors will state whether the statement recording the same or not.Do this as one indication that Microsoft is not yet ready for the new product will be launched.We wait for further developments, hopefully soon fix on the microsoft concerns about demand for Windows 8


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