Easy Ways operate a wireless mouse with a Laptop

January 3, 2013

Easy Ways operate a wireless mouse with a Laptop
This morning my usual activities of finding important information on the internet.While I was looking for material for posting on my blog about the laptop.I find the question of "How Do I Get My Wireless Mouse to work on my laptop?"Spontaneously ago I tried to find information or answers that could help these people.

After some time I use google search engine eventually find articles that relate operate  a wireless mouse on laptop.From the eHow site i found article about "Use a Wireless Mouse with a Laptop" may be able to answer questions about wireless mouse.

Here are Easy Ways operate a wireless mouse with a Laptop :

1.Check to see if your laptop supports wireless technology (Bluetooth, 802.11 or other). If it doesn't, you will need a wireless receiver. If it does, verify that your laptop is compatible with your wireless mouse, which could use either Bluetooth technology or a radio signal.

2.Unpack your mouse and open its battery compartment. The wireless mouse won't receive any power from the laptop, making batteries necessary.

 3. Add new batteries to the compartment. Make sure that the + battery end is inserted into the + niche in the compartment.

4.Place the mouse where it is easy to use and least stressful on your fingers.

5.Place your wireless receiver appropriately if your laptop doesn't support wireless technology. The receiver should be kept at least 8 inches away from the laptop or any other object that would cause any interference.

6. Place the wireless receiver anywhere from 8 inches to 6 feet from the mouse.

7.Insert the driver CD into your laptop and follow the instructions to install the software for running the mouse.

8.Connect your receiver to the laptop by plugging in the mouse's USB connector to the USB port of the laptop. If you do not have a free USB port, simply use an external USB hub for more ports.

Hopefully the information about how to operate a wireless mouse with a laptop, can be useful and can be petrified in difficulty.For other important information about the laptop you can also read an article about How to take care notebook batteries that wear out too quickly?


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